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    תכנון פרישה

    תכנון נכון ישאיר לך יותר כסף בכיס


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    5 דברים שחשוב לדעת על תכנון פרישה

    5 דברים שחשוב לדעת על תכנון פרישה

    רגע הפרישה לפנסיה הוא רגע מרגש מבחינות רבות. הוא מציין שינוי והתחלה של תקופה חדשה. מעבר לסיום תקופת העבודה, יש...

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    על תכנון פרישה, חשיבותו ואילו החלטות מתקבלות בתהליך

    על תכנון פרישה, חשיבותו ואילו החלטות מתקבלות בתהליך

    את המושג "פנסיה" ופרישה, הגה ביסמרק בסוף המאה ה-19. אז, כשלושה אחוזים מהאוכלוסייה זכו להגיע לגיל הפנסיה וממוצע שנות החיים...

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    ההבדלים בין קבלה, חשבונית מס וחשבונית עסקה

    קבלה וחשבונית מס אלה מסמכים חשבונאיים משפטיים אשר מעידים על הכנסות העסק. נוסף להם, העסק יכול להפיק גם חשבונית עסקה...

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    בניית תוכנית עסקית – לאיזה מטרות ואיך ניגשים לזה?

    תוכנית עסקית היא מסמך אשר מספק מידע על המיזם, העסק או החברה. המסמך יכול להיות קצר או ארוך והוא יכיל...

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    חוק האנג’לים

    השקעות בחברות ישראליות אשר נמצאות בשלבים ראשונים של פיתוח ומחקר נחשבות להשקעות בעלות סיכון גבוה. לצד זאת, אותן חברות מהוות...

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    פנסיה חובה לעצמאיים

    פנסיה חובה לעצמאיים – התנהלות ומענה על שאלות נפוצות

    החל משנת 2017 גם על עצמאיים חלה חובת הפרשה לקרן פנסיה. הרעיון העומד מאחורי החוק הוא להבטיח לעצמאיים, כמו לשכירים,...

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    Customer reviews

    I approached Rozenblatt following several recommendations. I have discovered an earnest and professional firm that beyond expertise and great service, makes you feel like a part of their family.

    I’m glad I chose a place that treats you as family rather than just another case.

    Roi Scwetz, Nadlan Company

    From my first day as a business owner 8 years ago, I knew that focusing on my own expertise was the way to go. Everything else should be entrusted to real professionals!

    Bookkeeping is definitely not my strong side and as I was looking for someone in that field, I decided to check a few, pick one and switch every few years to maintain the firm’s commitment.

     Luckily, I met Assaf. To this day we work together, and I have no intent of changing that! In addition to a professional, meticulous accounting firm, I met a couple of lovely people, Assaf and Danna, who take my success to heart. Although I am a small business owner and not a tycoon, they make me feel important and cared for.

    Thank you Assaf, Danna and all the Rozenblatt Accounting team! Anyone who wants to hear it from me directly is welcome to call me and just ask!   

    Ben Blumenfeld, the owner of Zamir Kennel and Caravan Centre

    As part of my collaboration with Rozenblatt, I am always received with consideration and professionalism that put me at ease while learning useful tips that help my business grow. I highly recommend them to any business owner who is looking for peace of mind. Plus, they always welcome me with great coffee and are available for any problem or question I might have.

    Ohad Ables, Physiotherapist and business owner for off-road tours.

    To succeed in the business world, you need to have experts on your side. From the moment I transferred my bookkeeping to Rozenblatt, I have the peace of mind to focus on promoting my business. I know I have made the right choice. How about you?

    Dr. Yoel Sulam, CEO of Yaya Consulting - Business excellence counseling and guidance

    When choosing an accounting firm, you look for two things: knowing that someone is there for any question you might have and second, to know that they care about your money just as much as you do. We found those two things with Rozenblatt: high availability, answering our every question and quality accounting services that help me make managerial decisions and navigate the company to success!

    Thank you, my friends at Rozenblatt.

    Hofit Abergel – Blumshtein, CEO of DevSense Ltd

    Rozenblatt accounting firm have been representing me with the authorities for several years now. This firm provides me with peace of mind, takes care of all my accounting needs and lets me focus on running my company. This is the secret of their success, making every business owner’s headache into a clean and efficient service experience.

    Thanks for everything.

    Udi Raz, Civil engineering consulting and planning

    My name is Michal and I own the Michal designer clothing boutique in Binyamina. Assaf and the wonderful, serviceable and professional staff accompany me for 9 years now, right from the start of my business. Assaf Rozenblatt offers me professional guidance and answers as needed. 

    I highly recommend the Rozenblatt firm!

    Michal Oron-Azani, Owns a designer clothing boutique in Binyamina

    This firm is one of the best.  A truly professional team that accompanies each client personally. They offer warm and prompt service for each and every one of their customers. Assaf, the owner, is a real champion. Always there to help! Every problem is quickly addressed, the staff is always available, providing guidance and advice at all times. Truly a team of champions!

    Moran Levy Beauty Saloon & Boutique
    Our clients